I’ve been enjoying my time in the sun this week — going to yoga classes, drinking green juices and coconut water, taking surf lessons, and enjoying delicious meals and cocktails on the beach.

The breeze in the air hits different here. The feeling my heart gets when I’m in this environment reminds me of how it should always feel — peaceful. I’ve only been here a day and suddenly, I remember. I remember what it’s like to just enjoy life and relax. I’d forgotten.

I recognized just how tense I’d become over the past few weeks (okay, the past year), during yoga class. My body was so stiff that when the teacher said, “soften the space between your eyebrows”, I truly didn’t know if I could.

After just a day — I feel like I’m coming back. Coming home. My body soaking up the sun, my soul feeling seen and loved — by nature, by the locals, by this new and exciting environment. It’s been amazing, truly.

What I’ve realized is that going somewhere I’ve never gone before is a spiritual practice. It’s a practice that I can take with me, regardless of where I am.

On vacation, I look at everything with fresh eyes —eyes that are curious and interested about the world. I look at everything as if I’ve never seen it before — every moment a new adventure. My mind is so enthused that the food and the wine taste 10x better, the ocean looks more clean and clear than I’ve ever seen it, and nature, nature, is just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and somehow, I forgot.

This isn’t about traveling. It’s about vacation. It’s about looking at the world with fresh eyes. It’s about starting each day, each moment, anew. It’s about awakening to the reality of what is — which is an ever-changing moment, and one that is filled with omnipresent love, light and peace.

When we can start to see the world in this way, as a vacation, we can become excited and curious about the next week, the next day, and even the next moment.

We can always go on vacation. In fact, we need to. It’s essential — to coming home, to peace, to love and to light.

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Transformation